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My name is Jim Smith. I am a former high school history and humanities teacher who has been recognized as the New Mexico Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the National Teachers Hall of Fame. I now work as a writer, publisher, and education consultant.

As a consultant, I conduct workshops on teaching history and helping students develop analytical thinking and writing skills. As a writer, I publish under the aegis of Suncrest Publications. When I am not consulting or writing, I am teaching classes in community education and lifelong learning programs.

Almost everything I do professionally is related to my passion for history. Whether I am providing high school students a few tips on how to write an argumentative essay or helping adults understand a symphony by Mahler, I am always, in some way, trying to promote the study of history. I believe that history, when taught well, can be a humanizing subject that helps people put their lives in context and see something bigger than themselves. I am motivated by the hope that when more people have a better sense of history our world might become just a littler more rational and humane.

To read more about the reasons I think history is an essential subject, read my essay titled “
Why Teach History?

This website was designed to help people keep abreast of my latest projects, provide access to my publications, and
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